On December 1991 the Holy Spirit told me to have His name restored back to Bay of The Holy Spirit from  Mobile Bay, because He was grieved.
So began my misson to have His name restored back to the original for the bay.

On June 14, 2008 I dedicated a Alabama Historic Association approved sign on the cause way (US 98).
Since the dedication of Bay of the Holy Spirit sign there has been some dramatic local changes. No local damage from any the hurricanes, no damage to bay from the oil drilling platform leakage, many new businesses which employed new employees, many new homes constructed. Vast increase of tax base from increased business activities. Blessing from God in our support of the Holy Spirit have been a direct sovereign intervention.

The effort has now matured into getting legislation either from Alabama or USA to restore the name on world wide maps back to the original name.
The names of the Alabama legislation can be found at http://capwiz.com/state-al/directory/statedir.tt?state=AL&lvl=state
The federal contact is . Mr. Lou Yost, Executive Secretary ,U.S. Board on Geographic Names, 523 National center Reston, Va.  20192 Phone - 703-648-4552


Name Restoration of the Bay of the Holy Spirit Name

You can help this restoration by contacting your Alabama Legislative member and Mr Lou Yost and request that the name be restored back to the original.
I will continue to work on this restoration. Your donated funds will be used to assist in providing collateral support material and pursuing this restoration.